Xiaomi Mediatek | How to Erase IMEI (Wipe NVRAM|NVDATA).

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  • How to Erase IMEI|Wipe NVRAM|NVDATA Xiaomi Mediatek Devices!...
  • Mediatek Module, Select SOC`s-.
  • Mediatek, Go to PM- Tab.
  • Mediatek Module, >PM press Connect- Connect phone in BROM Mode.
  • Mediatek Module, >PM Wait this will to load all partitions from phone!.
  • Mediatek Module, >PM (You need tick NVRAM|NVDATA)
  • Mediatek Module, >PM press Wipe- and re-Connect phone in BROM Mode.
  • from phone > (Please perform factory reset from the menu!).
  •  You can delete the IMEI of your Device (Wipe NVRAM | NVDATA) With firmware engineer or with Stock Firmware installed on your device.!! -

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