Nokia (Qualcomm) - repair|Fix IMEI (WithOut Credits)..

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  • How to repair|Fix IMEI Nokia Qualcomm Devices (DualSIM)!...
  • Qualcomm Module, Select adb devices- in Android Tab and Enable Diag
  • Qualcomm, Go to Qualcomm- Tab.
  • Qualcomm Module, >Select Diagnostic port press Special task Buttton- IMEI repair.
  • Mediatek Module, (Input New IMEI`s Ok!...).
  • and wait for the operation to finish...
  • Disconnect USB Cable, turn on our Phone,
  • Now Check New IMEI`s
  •  To repair / Fix IMEIs on Nokia Brand Devices with Qualcomm processors -Your Device must be Rooted! ...!!! -

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