LG (MEDIATEK) - repair|Fix IMEI (WithOut Credits)..

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  • How to repair|Fix IMEI Xiaomi Mediatek Devices (DualSIM)!...
  • Mediatek Module, Select SOC`s-.
  • Mediatek, Go to RSA/Server- Tab.
  • Mediatek Module, >RSA/Server press Wipe Security- Connect phone in BROM Mode.
  • Mediatek Module, (please wait for the operation to finish.!).
  • Disconnect USB Cable, turn on our Phone,
  • Now Activate Developer Mode, (Enable Debugging).
  • Connect USB Cable and Select on the phone (file transfer).
  • press IMEI Button in RSA/Server tab >Input New IMEI`s >press the Ok button< Select LG Modem port >OK! and wait for the operation to finish...
  •  The latest security patch is Supported! Remember that always before trying to Repair / Fix IMEI on LG phones, You must perform Wipe Security!!! -

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